Cabinet Conseils C. Varotsis is an independent insurance broker, certified by the FINMA (Federal Office of Private Insurances) and also member of the (Association of Insurance Brokers).

We work in collaboration with many Swiss companies, in order to be able to offer you local, tailor-made solutions!

Why come to us?

  • You have trouble understanding insurance?
  • You don’t have the time to obtain alternative quotes?
  • You don’t have the time to compare services and prices?
  • You are not sure if your insurance is appropriate?
  • You’ve had enough of being kept waiting on the telephone?
  • You find coping with an accident is complicated?
  • You would prefer to deal with the same person all the time?

Then don’t waste any more time….. Make your life easier, with US!

The market is changing all the time and certain branches are losing their restrictions.  One single insurance company cannot necessarily provide all your requirements. But a broker can…..  With us you have the choice between different products and different insurance companies.

We are constantly devising ways of saving time and money with the best available services at any given time and to the exclusive benefit of our clients.

The business of insurance has refined, specialized and diversified itself to the point where it is no longer possible to claim one can advise one’s clients, unless one has well-founded experiencefully updated on an ongoing basis.

With your trust, Cabinet Conseils C. Varotsis will become the sole intermediary between the insurance companies and YOURSELF! ! !